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APPC Nomination Manager

The Associate Professor Promotions Committee (APPC) Nomination Manager tool is now more easily accessible to faculty who might want to familiarize themselves with the criteria for promotion and the diverse scholarly activities in which faculty are involved. While the program is informational for all faculty, it was intended to be used by those who are within 1 to 2 years of promotion to Associate Professor. In the Downloadable Forms section the following are either available now or will be available in the near future:

  • a listing of recently promoted Associate Professors
  • APPC statistics
  • a Powerpoint presentation on how to manage your CV
  • examples of representative CVs from the different focus areas (program builder, educator, etc.

A PDF of the questions contained within the Nomination Manager will also be available in the Downloadable forms link. The questions contained within the Nomination Manager can therefore be reviewed before completion so the applicant has an idea of what to expect before getting started.

Click here to access the Nomination Manager.