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June 2012 Update

Dear Women Faculty,

I am writing to update you on activities of the OWISM.

Fourth Annual Event

It has been an exciting last few months with a very successful OWISM Fourth Annual Event highlighting Catherine DeAngelis as our keynote speaker. We additionally presented Jeanne Clarke and Elizabeth Jaffe with the Vice Dean’s Award for the Advancement of Women Faculty.

Leadership Program for Women Faculty (LPWF)

We are just wrapping up our 2011 LPWF and we will be celebrating the participants at a closing breakfast later this week. I have attached a list of the 2011 participants.  As this 2011 cohort completes the program, I am happy to note that over 135 women have gone through this leadership training.  We are actively recruiting for the 2012 cohort, and are excited this year that we will partner with other schools in the University to broaden the diversity of the LPWF participants. This year we anticipate faculty representation from the SPH, the SON, the Whiting School of Engineering and the Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.   Applications are due 6/29 and our 2012 LPWF will begin in the Fall of 2012.

Emerging Women’s Leadership Program (EWLP)

The newly created Emerging Women’s Leadership Program (EWLP) is going well, and we at the midpoint in the course. Feedback has been extremely positive and we anticipate enrolling a second cohort in late fall.  Please stay tuned as we will soon be asking for nominations for the second cohort.    

Speed Mentoring Program

We have just initiated a speed mentor pilot program, with the hopes of launching a robust speed mentoring program in the fall.  I will keep you aware of this initiative as we will be looking for both mentors and mentees to participate in this important program.

Fall Sessions (I&C and Worklife Intersection)

Although we have limited programs over the summer,  we have OWISM sessions planned for the fall. Please see the attached brochures, and plan to attend one of these sessions that suit your needs.  In late summer, I will begin to advertise in more detail about these programs and other important events which will take place in the fall.

For Your Interest

I have attached some interesting articles that I have received from various faculty members. I thank all of you for sharing these articles, and I will continue to make sure they are distributed to our women faculty.  These articles are thought provoking and I believe worth reading.  Additionally I would like to send you this link to an article discussed in our last LPWF session-

"The Effects of Promotions on Heart Disease: Evidence from Whitehall" 
The Economic Journal, Vol. 122, Issue 561, pp. 555-589, 2012

As summarized by one of our cohort members, the punch line:   The results suggest that promotions may reduce the probability of developing heart disease by 2.6–12.8 percentage points over a 15 year period. So hopefully we will continue to see more of our valued faculty members successfully promoted.

Please continue to share articles of interest with me as well as topics of concern. Please check our website, which we continue to update.  OWISM Website

I wish you all a wonderful summer!