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January 2011 Update

Dear Faculty Member,

As we begin 2011, the OWISM wanted to update you on its progress,  and thank you for your continued support. Your participation in the OWISM programs in 2010 has provided the Office with important insights, and has allowed the improvement of existing programs as well as the creation of new ones.

We are planning for our annual event on Tuesday March 1,2011-when Marin Alsop, the conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra  will address the SOM. We will also be presenting the Vice Dean’s award for the advancement of women faculty. The recipient is still unknown at this time, but will be announced shortly. The event will take place from 4:30 to 5:30 PM in the Turner Auditorium, and will be followed by a cocktail reception for all students, residents, fellows, post docs and faculty in the BRB pre-function area. Please make all efforts to attend this important lecture and celebration.  Please RSVP to the if you plan to attend.

In addition to our existing programs for women ( leadership Program for Women Faculty (LPWF) , the Information and Conversation series, Work/Life Intersection program, and  the New Associate Professors program) we will be adding some programming and events for the women post docs and fellows, as well as for our senior women.

Our 2010-2011 LPWF is well underway, and we have 45 women faculty at the Assistant and Associate Professor level enrolled in this course. The course is being given over 9 months,  and topics such as negotiations, crucial conversations and speak like a pro are covered. All are facilitated by experts in these areas. Our feedback from the 2009 and 2010 cohort has been extremely positive. We plan to give this course annually, and will be soliciting nominations for participants in the late spring for our 2011 class. Due to the feedback to date, we are strongly considering starting a program for emerging women leaders. This will be focused for  women Instructors and junior Assistant Professors. The coursework and time commitment will be modified for this new program. We will keep you informed as the new program evolves.    

The Information and Conversation series is now set up for 2011, and we have scheduled 4 wonderful sessions which should be of great interest and benefit to all women faculty. These sessions occur in an informal setting and will provide important information to advance your academic career as you transition from Assistant Professor all the way to Full Professor .  Our first lecture entitled “When and how to say no”, will be given by Jennifer Haythornthwaite on Thursday, March 17 at noon in the SOM west room. Please rsvp to the if you plan to attend. Please see the attached brochure for details of this and the other lectures in that series.

Most recently the OWISM in collaboration with the Professional Development and Career Office has launched a new series called “Bridging the gap” which has been developed for women Post Doctoral students (both in the basic sciences and clinical areas) and junior faculty. Our first session on Tuesday 2/22 at noon in the SOM West room will be entitled “Finding passion in your research career” and will be facilitated by Leisha  Emens. Please RSVP to the if you plan to attend.  Please see the attached brochure for the other courses in this series.   These interactive sessions will discuss topics important in early career advancement, and will be extremely valuable to women.

The OWISM continues to collaborate with the Office of work, life and engagement to develop a program entitled “Work/Life Intersection” We will keep you informed as we develop our 2011 program.

In the last year, 17 women have been promoted to Associate Professor, and 4 to Full Professor! Congratulations to all of them,  and I have attached lists of those promoted. Our website will also be updated with this new information!   We have begun luncheons for those promoted, to serve as a celebratory event and networking opportunity!    

We continue to review CVs of women anticipating promotion to Professor-and will also continue to work with the Office of Faculty Development on CV workshops.

The OWISM has a new website-which continues to improve-and we are trying to keep this as updated as possible. Please visit this site at! We have just developed an area on the website where we would like to recognize the achievements of women faculty  at the SOM. If you have recently been recognized-please email the,  so that we can highlight this.   

The OWISM has also played a large role on the Joint Oversight Committee-and substantively contributed to the 2010 faculty salary report. This is now on our new website, and includes several departmental compensation plans.

Lastly, the OWISM data committee has recently reviewed the AAMC data for women at the  JHSOM, and  when our report is finalized,  it will be posted on the website as well.

At this time the OWISM thanks all  the women who have participated in these programs, for their  valuable guidance, opinions and support. Additionally, a special thanks is in order for all the women who serve on the advisory groups and OWISM committees.  

Thank you all for your involvement and interest in the OWISM and its activities. Please feel free to contact me at at any time with any questions or comments. I appreciate your continued support.

Barbara Fivush

Director of the Office of Women in Science and Medicine

Professor of Pediatrics