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The Women's Leadership Council


line markerDocuments of Interest  (in word format for easy printing)
Thinking, Planning, and Acting Strategically
 A document prepared by Emma J. Stokes Ph.D. which provides a framework for thinking, planning and acting strategically. 

Meeting Plan Check List
A document which provides a checklist helpful in planning, undertaking and evaluating meetings.

Evaluation Form Template
 A document template for attendees to evaluate a meeting.

"Taking Stock of your career" (in word format)
Prepared by Emma J. Stokes, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

(Goals, knowledge, skills, supports, and your management of them)
"Taking Stock of Your Career" is a set of some of the important questions for each faculty member to review and reflect upon as a way to assess how thoroughly s/he is managing her/his career. By testing out your current understanding and actions in several of the key aspects of career and self-management, you will enhance your plan and your achievement of it.

An Annotated Professional Biography
prepared by Leisha A. Emens, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Oncology at Johns Hopkins University.

Gender Issues

Why examine gender?

A document prepared by Emma J. Stokes Ph.D.
Why examine gender as a part of the workplace or organizational life?  An examination of gender can help to explain the structure, the dynamics and the outcomes in organizations e.g., who is recruited into what positions/roles as well as the way people relate to one another--- and the opportunities and the barriers that face women, in particular, in the workplace. 

Strategies for Men Regarding Gender Schemas and Gender Equity
A checklist of strategies to increase gender awareness for men written by Dr. Virginia Valian and reproduced here with permission.

Gender Equity Handouts
A series of articles written by Dr. Virginia Valian and reproduced here with permission.

"Compensation and Advancement of Women in Academic Medicine: Is There Equity?"
by Arlene S. Ash et al. published in the Annals of Internal Medicine

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line markerWebsites of Interest

Dr. Virginia Valian’s web site related to her work on gender equity

Johns Hopkins Committee on the Status of Women (UCSOW)

Johns Hopkins University Women's Network

 An organization established to improve the status of women, and
thereby the human climate, in all divisions of the University.

NIH Women's Health Initiative

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