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About the Women's Leadership Council


To advocate for the professional development and advancement of women faculty in the School of Medicine. To educate the leadership and faculty regarding the critical issues facing women faculty.

All women Full Professors in the School of Medicine will be invited to join WLC.  Associate Professors will also be invited to join the WLC who have been at this rank for more than 4 years.


1. Establish a formal framework of educational activities for all female faculty in the School of Medicine and to promote professional and personal development. (See Events page)

2. Develop a program of mentoring activities to include both traditional group seminars as well as small group discussions. (See Events page)

3. Maintain a web page to inform female faculty of upcoming events and to serve as a clearing house for relevant literature.

4. Establish a feedback process to assess how WLC programs serve the needs of female faculty.

5. To establish effective committees that will set goals and actions plans consistent with their mission and guided by the steering committee.  (See Committees section)

Click here to view the organizational chart of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Status of Women Initiative .  This document provides the organizational chart of the School of Medicine Status of Women Initiative.


Steering Committee
--Will be composed of Faculty who represent the diverse nature of the female faculty at the SOM
--Will provide input to WLC on specific concerns of the female faculty

       Steering Committee Members

Barbara Fivush, Co-Chair      

Leslie Emens

Gabriele Ronnett, Co-ChairMaureen Gilmore
Martha DencklaDiane Becker
Carol GreiderPaula Pitha-Rowe
Rajini RaoAnne Murphy
Chris ZinkArlene Forestiiere
Leslie PlotnickEileen "Patti" Vining
Marilee AllenJoan Bathon
Rhoda AlaniMichele Shermak
Mary FoyVice Dean Janice Clements

Mentoring Committee


 Rajini Roa


 Merilee Allen

To establish a formal framework of mentoring activities to support the needs of the junior female faculty at the SOM using traditional approaches such as matched pairs of mentors and mentees, Informational Sessions, and Round Table Discussions.

Professional Development Committee


 Leisha Emens


 Arlene Forestiere

Will plan topics and
speakers for seminars aimed at enhancing skills and networking among women faculty and fellows
--Foster career, professional and personal development of women faculty to include skill-building, gender issues analysis, and promotion of a culture of faculty development.
--Establish a feed back process for development activities

Website Committee


 Anne Murphy


 Eileen "Patti" Vining


--Will develop a website for WLC which will:

--Inform Faculty about the mission of the WLC
--Be a resource for mentoring
--Provide links for key documents related to faculty development, including gender specific issues
--Provide educational and historical links particularly as related to the ME Garrett legacy
--Be housed on the Hopkins server and available for both intranet and internet users

Special Events
--Organize and publicize special events relevant to WLC

Additional Committees
In response to the SOM Committee Report the WLC plans to set up a committee to address the concerns raised in this report:
Committee of Faculty Development and Gender Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


  • Leadership: The WLC will be Co-Chaired by an elected member of a clinical department and an elected member of a Basic Science Department. The Co-Chairs will be elected by the Steering Committee and each will hold position for up to five years. Turnover of the position will be staggered such that only one of the co-Chairs will change at a time, thus providing leadership continuity for the council. Candidates for the position will be nominated by the members of the WLC Steering Committee, on the basis of leadership skills and knowledge/experience of gender-related issues.  The Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs established the WLC.
  • Membership:  All women Full Professors in the School of Medicine will be invited to join the WLC. Associate Professors will also be invited to join the WLC who have been at this rank for more than 4 years.
  • Decision Making: Decisions will be made by majority vote. Voting will be solicited by electronic mail or at bimonthly meetings.
  • Committees: Committees will be assembled and disbanded on an ad hoc basis based on identified needs and goals.


Bi-annual Report- The WLC will assist in the preparation of a biannual report which will be produced by the Office of Women in Science and Medicine for the Vice Dean of faculty. The Vice Dean will provide this report to all leaders and faculty as is appropriate. Specifically WLC will contribute the following information for the report:

¨ Progress in achievement (outcomes) of stated goals of WLC
¨ List of WLC committees and their activities
¨ Summary of educational events sponsored by the WLC


The philanthropist, Mary Elizabeth Garrett (pictured below), and her friends on the Women's Fund Committee (also pictured below) provided the financial support for the founding of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1893.  These forward looking women, not only contributed financially, but did so with rigorous stipulations, including that women be admitted to the school on equal terms as men, and that the school be a graduate institution with strict entrance requirements.  The leadership of these women transformed not only the role of women in medicine, but also very quality of medical education in America. 

Mary Elizabeth Garrett

The Women's Fund

Read the Hopkins Gazette article on Mary Elizabeth Garrett written by Hopkins Archivist Nancy McCall.

Read a transcript of a lecture given by Kathleen Waters Sander, Ph.D.
"Will There Ever Be a Monument?"
Recognizing Mary Elizabeth Garrett's Role in Shaping American Medicine

The JHU School of Medicine Women's Alumnae Hall of Fame

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