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Botulinum Toxin, Filler and Fat Injections

As we age, wrinkles become more noticeable. The oculofacial plastic surgeons at the Wilmer Eye Institute use botulinum toxin (Botox ®), filler and fat injection methods to reduce wrinkles in the face and lips. With a patient satisfaction rate of 98%, Botox® is the most popular cosmetic procedure worldwide and requires little to no recovery time. Request an appointment with our doctors to take advantage of our current specials.

Botox® and Fillers

Botox® (short for botulinum toxin) and the FDA-approved dermal filler injections make the face look younger. The area most commonly treated with dermal filler injections is the nasolabial fold – the wrinkle between the cheek and mouth. We offer all commercially available fillers, including:

  • Restylane®
  • Perlane®
  • Juvederm®
  • Radiesse®
  • Elevesse®

While Botox® is the most commonly used cosmetic treatment and has a satisfaction rate close to 98%, it was initially developed and has been used for decades to treat muscle spasms, migraines, and excessive sweating. Contact us to learn more or make an appointment.

Fat Transfer

Facial fat injections transfer your own processed fat from other parts of the body, where it is found to be in excess, to an appropriate location in the face. While under sedation, one of our oculofacial plastic surgeons will remove fat from another part of the body (like the stomach, buttocks or hips) using specially designed syringes. The fat is then injected around the eyes or into the face or lips to restore a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Recovery from Botox, Filler or Fat Injections

Filler injections and fat transfers require very little recovery time. If receiving injections near the lower eyelids, some patients can experience bruising in the area. The face may occasionally develop small bumps near the injection site, but these typically subside in a few hours.

Make sure you discontinue the use over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs as well as supplements and vitamins for 10 days prior to treatment to decrease the risk of bruising.

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