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Patient Testimonials

Every member of the Lions Low Vision Rehabilitation team will provide the most exceptional care to you or your loved ones. From children to seniors, anyone whose vision has impacted their daily functioning can benefit. While low vision rehabilitation involves the use of visual devices and assistive equipment, the process is very much dependent upon both the individual’s willingness to adapt and the expertise of the doctor. Vision rehabilitation requires a team approach, and the patient is considered the star player. Read what our patients have to say:

  • "Thank you for all you do.  No one else provides this level of care and expertise."
  • "Outstanding! No one to date has ever taken the detailed work needed to address my eye issues.  Thanks!"
  • "Very helpful, talented and knowledgeable staff. Real problem solvers. I should have come here at the beginning of my problem."
  • "It’s a pleasure to come here – I always feel greatly cared for and hopeful."
  • "Everyone is always very helpful, friendly and patient with children."
  • "This has made my mother so very happy now that she can read her hometown newspaper. She is 87 and hasn’t been able to read..."
  • "The evaluation was very thorough and well coordinated. The team provided clear explanations and all questions were answered.  We really appreciated the extra effort to schedule combined follow up appointments."
  • "Everyone was extremely professional and helped me to feel at ease. They listened to my concerns and made very helpful suggestions.  It was great!"
  • "Excellent.  Thank you for your kindness and your generous teaching skills."
  • "Great people to talk to. Let you know prognosis.  Held nothing back. A great deal of care went into my care." 
  • “… We left with a wonderful plan and an extremely wonderful experience. I appreciate the fact that the staff was able to relate and understand the real world needs I have don’t always relate to a clinical environment.  They took the time to work with me to come up with a plan that would allow me to return to work sooner.”

"This has been one of the best things that has happened to us, coming to the Low Vision Center!"

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