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Corneal Disease

Specialists at the Wilmer Eye Institute's Division of Cornea, Cataract, and External Diseases diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases and injuries to the cornea (the layer of clear tissue that covers the front of the eye), such as infections and scratches. Patients also have easy access to our team of contact lens specialists and to refractive surgeons who alter the shape of the cornea to improve vision.


Most corneal scratches and injuries cause pain and blurred vision. Often the eye becomes sensitive to light.


For patients whose corneas are permanently clouded or injured, Wilmer surgeons often perform corneal grafts. Hopkins recently led a national study that identified ways to improve the success of corneal transplants, such as identifying those potential recipients least likely to reject the tissue and treating the transplanted cornea with appropriately selected eye drops. Because of their expertise, Wilmer doctors are routinely asked to treat complications sustained elsewhere. They also perform reconstructive surgery to repair trauma to the cornea, iris and lens and to remove foreign objects lodged in the surface of the eye.

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