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Lab Personnel

Imran Bhutto, M.D., Ph.D.
Experimental Pathologist, Expert on Choroid

Rhonda Grebe, B.S.
Senior Research Specialist:
Light, Confocal, and Electron Microscopist and Cell Culture Expert

D. Scott McLeod
Experimental Pathologist, Histologist, Histochemist and Microscopist

Carol Merges, M.A.S.
Lab Manager: Cell Culture Expert

Debasish Sinha, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor: Cellular and Molecular Biologist
Expert on Lens, Astrocytes and Nanoparticles

Sam Zigler, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor:
Protein Biochemist Working on Nanoparticle Synthesis

Gerard "Jerry" Lutty, Ph.D.
G. Edward and G. Britton Durell Professor of Ophthalmology
Lab Director: Vascular Cell Biologist and Experimental Pathologist