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Nanotechnology and Gene Therapy for Retinopathies

Lutty labs

Dr. Lutty's Lab is using nanotechnology to develop unique approaches to treating the retinopathies mentioned in this section.  Many labs are using viruses to deliver genes that can be used to treat diseases.  Viruses, however, can themselves cause problems in that they may initiate inflammation and the genes may be expressed at too high a level or for too long.  Our goal is delivery of therapeutic genes without a virus, using nanoparticles to deliver the genes.  The particles can be made with multiple layers so the outer layer will have a peptide that can target the particles to cells of interest.  A schematic of an iron nanoparticle with multiple layers is seen in the pitcure to the right. These nanoparticles can be delivered to cells in the retina. 

Lutty labs

Once the particles get into the target cell (seen right), the genes are expressed for a limited time period.  Using the genes for naturally occurring antiangiogenic factors, we hope to treat neovascularization without using a virus or a drug.  The nanoparticles can also carry a biosensor DNA that will allow the gene to be expressed only when it is needed.

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