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Hitachi H7600 TEM with Digital and Film Cameras

Hitachi H7600

The Hitachi H7600 Transmission Electron Microscope comes with the following features:

  • Dual AMT CCD camera system
    • 1K x 1K camera for real time view, search, autofocus
    • 2K x 2K 16-bit camera for digital micrographs
  • Standard 3 ½ by 4 inch film camera also available
  • 20-120 kV operating voltage
  • Liquid nitrogen cooled anti-contamination device
  • High contrast and high resolution imaging modes
  • 60 degree high tilt, rotating motorized goniometer stage for use with tomography software
  • Automontage function for both film and digital cameras.
  • Multiple and single sample holders available.
  • Free image J software with plug in for image analysis of AMT digital images available. (Plug in reads proprietary AMT calibration data saved with image file

Sample Image

TEM sample 3
Toxoplasma gondii organisms causing extensive degeneration of the retina. A pseudocyst contains several organisms (tachyzoites) which are bounded by a double layer pellicle. The organisms are at various proliferative stages and contain numerous electron dense membrane-bound lysosomes and elongate cord-like structures (micronemes). Image courtesy of Aida de la Cruz and WR Green.