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The Center for Nanomedicine at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute

The Center for Nanomedicine is a unique translational nanotechnology effort located at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. It brings together engineers, scientists and clinicians working under one roof on translation of novel drug and gene delivery technologies.

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What We Do
The Center for Nanomedicine focuses on harnessing nanotechnology to more effectively diagnose, treat, and prevent various diseases.
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Who We Are
The collaboration of our multidisciplinary experts is the key to producing innovative solutions to the most challenging medical problems.
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Explore Our Research
Discover the drug and gene delivery technologies the center has developed that have significant implications for the prevention, treatment, and cure of many major diseases facing the world today

Recent News and Events

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Center for Nanomedicine Research Innovations

researchers at the Center for Nanomedicine

Future Suture

Researchers at the Center for Nanomedicine explore how spiders spin their webs and the science of rope making to deliver invention-preventing drugs after eye surgery.

Center for Nanomedicine Leading the Way

Envisioning Macular Degeneration Innovative Treatments

Dr. Justin Hanes and his team are working to create innovative approaches to treat macular degeneration, a leading cause of age-related vision loss.

How to Eliminate Eye Drops – Dr. Peter McDonnell

Many patients worry about not being able to get their eye drops into their eyes. The Center for Nanomedicine helped develop alternative methods of delivering medicine to patients’ eyes without eye drops