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Wilmer Residents Association Seventh Annual Clinical Meeting

June 3, 2011

Wilmer alumni, guest speakers, family and friends came together to pay tribute to the late Dr. W. Richard Green. Dr. Stephen J. Ryan presented the fifth annual Susruta Lecture with Dr. V.K. Raju.


Members of the Green family, friends, and special guests

McDonnell, Raju, Ryan

L to R: Peter J. McDonnell, M.D., Director and William Holland Wilmer Professor of Ophthalmology, the Wilmer Eye Institute.; V.K. Raju, M.D., Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at West Virginia University; Stephen J. Ryan, M.D., Grace and Emery Beardsley Professor of Ophthalmology, USC and President, Doheny Eye Institute.


L to R: Stephen J. Ryan, M.D., Peter J. McDonnell, M.D.


L to R: J. Peter Campbell, M.D.; David Barañano, M.D., Ph.D; Fang Ko, M.D.; Stephen J. Ryan, M.D.; Fasika Woreta, M.D.; Akrit Sodhi, M.D., Ph.D.

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