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From Our Residents: The Wilmer Residency Program Difference

Collaborative Environment

residents on the dome

My favorite thing about Wilmer is my colleagues - I am constantly learning from (and having fun with!) my co-residents. Our faculty are also incredibly dedicated and eager to work with residents, including surgical teaching in the OR and wet lab, collaborating on research projects and helping with patient care.--- Suzanne Van Landingham, Class of 2017

As a medical student, I admired the Wilmer residents for being so independent and yet kind enough to spend time teaching me; I wanted to be like them when I grew up. As a current Wilmer resident, I have appreciated the opportunity Wilmer provides to manage complex medical problems with a sense of independence while having assistance immediately and readily available from experts in every department. I believe this helps us grow into knowledegable and independent practitioners with a breadth of knowledge and experience. -- Meraf WolleClass of 2015

Knowledge and Expertise

residents at Grand Rounds with Dr. McDonnell

My favorite part about Wilmer is our daily rounds with our chief. It gives you a great opportunity as a resident to see all of the most interesting cases that all of your classmates see in the emergency room. It also gives you a great forum to follow patients acutely so that you learn the time course and the management of most common emergencies.—Sonya Blizzard, Class of 2016

There are many things I love about being at Wilmer but I think the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that I gain on a daily basis from everyone around me, be it at grand rounds, clinics, OR or just over a short lunch break. It is a place where just daily interactions with people can lead to a research project, a new clinical pearl or an answer to a question that has been on my mind. --Roomasa ChannaClass of 2015

Clinical and Research Experience

resident oculoplastics practicum

Among many things, what I like best about Wilmer is the unparalleled access and face-to-face interactions with top-notch faculty members in all subspecialties, who are literally the world leaders/experts in their respective fields. ---Alvin Liu, Class of 2016

The GES - it's really a place where I feel like a doctor taking care of patients. The patients are truly my own and think of me as their main eye care provider. The breadth of pathology we see and treat here is remarkable and something I am appreciating more as I talk to other residents from around the country. It's really one of my favorite parts of the week because I know my patients well by now and our relationship has developed over the years. I will miss them when I leave! --Sumayya Ahmad, Class of 2015

I have an amazing group of co-residents who are knowledgeable, dedicated, fun and great to work with. We are also lucky enough to be trained by many of the world experts in ophthalmology. We have faculty who are committed to helping us become successful clinicians and surgeons. Finally, we have unparalleled access to research opportunities ranging from clinical and epidemiological studies to device development to basic science bench work. -- Jithin Yohannan, Class of 2017