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Ophthalmic Pathology Fellowship

The ophthalmic pathology fellowship program will last for one or more years, and involves microscopic and molecular studies of tumors and other diseases of the eye and orbit. Fellows will evaluate and dissect human and rodent eye specimens, and perform microscopic and immunohistochemical/ immunofluorescence analyses on the tissues. This will involve the generation of detailed descriptions of microscopic findings and how those support various diagnoses.

Molecular analyses, including PCR of DNA and RNA, as well as sequencing of DNA and Western blotting of proteins, may also be performed. Correlations with clinical findings will be made. Through these studies the fellow will develop an in depth understanding of the pathological basis of ophthalmic disease, including the microscopic features which define specific diagnostic entities, as well as advance our knowledge in this field. 

To Apply

Application Requirements: Fellows will have completed an M.D. degree. Prior training in pathology or ophthalmology is helpful, but not required.

Charles Eberhart
Fellowship Director

Ophthalmic Pathology Fellowship Program Director 

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