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Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

The eyelids and structures around the eye are critical for vision. Injuries, congenital defects, aging changes and tumors affecting the eyelids as well as the tissues and bones surrounding the eyes can cause pain, eye damage, vision loss and disfigurement. In addition, changes in the eye's appearance can decrease one's ability to interact in social settings and in the workplace. And, the tragic loss of an eye because of injury or disease can decrease one's confidence and impair self-image.


Wilmer's surgeons can perform implants, reconstruct eyelids and eye sockets, correct eyelid-position abnormalities, remove growths and rebuild critical ocular structures. If an eye has been removed, state-of-the-art prosthetic implants are used to restore the natural look and motion of the eye. Wilmer oculoplastic surgeons can rebuild the lids and structures around the eye not only to improve function but also to allow patients to look and feel natural again.

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