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Fuchs Dystrophy: Video



The surgeon initially makes an incision (cut) at the edge of the cornea to create a pathway to the cataract. Next, he or she removes the cataract -- usually with a phacoemulsifier, which breaks up the lens and then sucks up the pieces.  (Remember: The cataract is in the lens.)  A lens implant is then inserted into the eye.  Finally, the surgeon sutures (sews up) the incision with a small, hooked needle.

videoView Video of Cataract Surgery:
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videoVideo of Trabeculectomy (with corneal graft)
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Epithelial Edema

videoVideo of Epithelial Edema Repair
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Corneal Transplant

video Corneal Transplant (Penetrating Keratoplasty)

DSEK Procedure

video DSEK Procedure

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