April 2014

Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
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1. Aslakson R, Cheng J, Vollenweider D, Galusca D, Smith TJ, Pronovost PJ. Evidence-based palliative care in the intensive care unit: a systematic review of interventions. J Palliat Med. 2014 Feb;17(2):219-35.
Key words: palliative care, evidence-based care, review, interventions, intensive care

2. Austin JM, D'Andrea G, Birkmeyer JD, Leape LL, Milstein A, Pronovost PJ, Romano PS, Singer SJ, Vogus TJ, Wachter RM. Safety in Numbers: The Development of Leapfrog's Composite Patient Safety Score for U.S. Hospitals. J Patient Saf. 2014 Mar;10(1):64-71.
Key words: patient safety, composite, score, performance measurement

3. Cohen SP, Hameed H, Kurihara C, Pasquina PF, Patel AM, Babade M, Griffith SR, Erdek ME, Jamison DE, Hurley RW. The effect of sedation on the accuracy and treatment outcomes for diagnostic injections: a randomized, controlled, crossover study. Pain Med. 2014 Feb 13. doi: 10.1111/pme.12389. [Epub ahead of print].
Key words: Accuracy; specificity; sensitivity; diagnostic block; sedation; sacroiliac joint; sympathetically-maintained pain

4. Chalfin HJ, Frank SM, Feng Z, Trock BJ, Drake CG, Reach M, Partin AW, Humphreys E, Ness PM, Jeong BC, Lee SB, Han M. Allogeneic vs. autologous blood transfusion and survival after radical prostatectomy. Transfusion. 2014, March 6. doi: 10.1111/trf.12611
Key words: Allogeneic, Autologous, Prostatectomy, Survival, Transfusion

5. Cohen SP, Mao J. Neuropathic pain: Mechanisms and their implications. BMJ. 2014; 348: f7656.
Key words: Neuropathic pain; mechanisms; central sensitization; peripheral sensitization; wind-up

6. Herrick DB, Ullman N, Nekoovaght-Tak S, Hanley DF, Awad I, Ledroux S, Thompson CB, Ziai WC. Determinants of external ventricular drain placement and associated outcomes in patients with spontaneous intraventricular hemorrhage. Neurocrit Care. 2014 Feb 13. [Epub ahead of print]
Key words: External ventricular drain, Intracerebral hemorrhage, Tissue plasminogen activator, Stroke, Cerebrovascular disease

7. Kudchadkar SR, Aljohani OA, Punjabi NM. Sleep of critically ill children in the pediatric intensive care unit: A systematic review. Sleep Med Rev. 2014 April; 18(2): 103-110.
Key words: Sleep, Pediatric, Intensive care, Mechanical Ventilation, Delirium

8. Martinez EA, Donelan K, Henneman JP, Berenholtz SM, Miralles PD, Krug AE, Iezzoni LI, Charnin JE, Pronovost PJ. Identifying meaningful outcome measures for the intensive care unit. Am J Med Qual. 2014 Mar-Apr;29(2):144-52.
Key words: adverse outcomes, intensive care unit, outcome measures, outcomes, patient safety, quality measurement

9. Nussenblatt V, Avdic E, Berenholtz S, Daugherty E, Hadhazy E, Lipsett PA, Maragakis LL, Perl TM, Speck K, Swoboda SM, Ziai WC, Cosgrove SE. Ventilator-associated pneumonia: overdiagnosis and treatment are common in medical and surgical intensive care units.
Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2014;35(3):278-84.
Key words: ventilator-associated pneumonia, critical care, antimicrobial therapy

10. Pham JC, Alblaihed L, Cheung DS, Levy F, Hill PM, Kelen GD, Pronovost PJ, Kirsch TD.Measuring patient safety in the emergency department. Am J Med Qual. 2014 Mar-Apr;29(2):99-104.
Key words: emergency medicine, measurement, quality of health care, safety, safety management

11. Pronovost PJ, Bo-Linn GW, Sapirstein A. From heroism to safe design: leveraging technology. Anesthesiology. 2014 Mar;120(3):526-9.
Key words: technology, safe systems, integrated care systems, device-technology connections

12. Pronovost PJ, Wachter RM. Progress in patient safety: a glass fuller than it seems. Am J Med Qual. 2014 Mar-Apr;29(2):165-9.
Key words: safety, measurement, global trigger tool, improvement progress

13. Qureshi A, Quinones-Hinojosa A, Ziai WC. A rare infectious presentation of a temporal bone meningioma. J Neurooncol. 2014 ;116(3):633-4.
Key words: Brain tumor, Meningioma, Neurocritical care

14. Weaver SJ, Dy SM, Rosen MA. Team-training in healthcare: a narrative synthesis of the literature. BMJ Qual Saf. 2014 Feb 5. doi: 10.1136/bmjqs-2013-001848. [Epub ahead of print]
Key words: Patient safety, Team training, Teamwork


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