January 2013

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1. Angelino AF, Bone A, Kuehl AK. A neuropsychiatric perspective of phenylketonuria ii: needs assessment for a psychiatric presence. Psychosomatics. 2012 Nov;53(6):541-9.
Key words: phenyketonuria, psychiatric assessment, treatment

2. Bi S, Kim YJ, Zheng F. Dorsomedial hypothalamic NPY and energy balance control. Neuropeptides. 2012 Dec;46(6):309-14
Key words: neuropeptide Y, dorsomedial hypothalamus, nucleus of solitary tract, food intake, energy expenditure, brown adipogenesis, glucose homeostasis, obesity, adeno-associated virus, primate

3. Bone A, Kuehl AK, Angelino AF. A neuropsychiatric perspective of phenylketonuria I: overview of phenylketonuria and its neuropsychiatric sequelae. Psychosomatics. 2012 Nov;53(6):517-23.
Key words: neuropsychiatric, phenylketonuria

4. DeFulio A, Silverman K. The use of incentives to reinforce medication adherence. Prev Med. 2012 Nov;55 Suppl:S86-94.
Key words: health behavior, patient compliance, medication adherence, behavioral economics, medical psychology, motivation, behavior, applied psychology, behaviorism

5. Gitlin LN, Kales HC, Lyketsos CG. Nonpharmacologic management of behavioral symptoms in dementia. JAMA. 2012 Nov 21;308(19):2020-9.
Key words: dementia, nonpharmacologic management, quality of life

6. Kalb LG, Stuart EA, Freedman B, Zablotsky B, Vasa R. Psychiatric-related emergency department visits among children with an autism spectrum disorder. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2012 Dec;28(12):1269-76.
Key words: autism, psychiatric, services, insurance

7. Kowalski S, Colantuoni E, Lau B, Keruly J, McCaul ME, Hutton HE, Moore RD, Chander G. Alcohol consumption and CD4 T-cell count response among persons initiating antiretroviral therapy. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2012 Dec 1;61(4):455-61.
Key words: HIV, alcohol, immune response, CD4 T-cell count, antiretroviral therapy

8. Rahn KA, Watkins CC, Alt J, Rais R, Stathis M, Grishkan I, Crainiceau CM, Pomper MG, Rojas C, Pletnikov MV, Calabresi PA, Brandt J, Barker PB, Slusher BS, Kaplin AI. Inhibition of Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II (GCPII) activity as a treatment for cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Dec 4;109(49):20101-6.
Key words: Neuroradiology, hippocampus2, (phosphonomethyl)pentanedioic acid (2-PMPA)

9. Rosenberg PB, Mielke MM, Han D, Leoutsakos JS, Lyketsos CG, Rabins PV, Zandi PP, Breitner JC, Norton MC, Welsh-Bohmer KA, Zuckerman IH, Rattinger GB, GreenRC, Corcoran C, Tschanz JT. The association of psychotropic medication use with the cognitive, functional, and neuropsychiatric trajectory of Alzheimer's disease. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2012 Dec;27(12):1248-57
Key words: Alzheimer's disease, antidepressants, antipsychotics, SSRI, cognition, psychosocial function, neuropsychiatric symptoms, epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology

10. Stephens MA, McCaul ME, Weerts EM, Wand G. Serotonin transporter-linked polymorphic region (5-HTTLPR) genotype is associated with cortisol responsivity to naloxone challenge. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2012 Nov;224(2):223-30.
Key words: serotonin transporter, HPA axis dysregulation, naloxone blockade

11. Tighe SK, Reading SA, Rivkin P, Caffo B, Schweizer B, Pearlson G, Potash JB, Depaulo JR, Bassett SS. Total white matter hyperintensity volume in bipolar disorder patients and their healthy relatives. Bipolar Disord. 2012 Dec;14(8):888-893.
Key words: bipolar disorder, white matter hyperintensivity, WMH, volume


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