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November 2012

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1. Barone Gibbs B, Dobrosielski DA, Bonekamp S, Stewart KJ, Clark JM. A randomized trial of exercise for blood pressure reduction in type 2 diabetes: Effect on flow-mediated dilation and circulating biomarkers of endothelial function. Atherosclerosis. 2012 Aug 2 [Epub ahead of print].
Key words: Endothelial function, adhesion molecules, exercise, type 2 diabetes, vasodilation

2. Brewer LC, Miller ER, Appel LJ, Anderson CA. Do African American women require fewer calories to maintain weight?: results from a controlled feeding trial. Nutrition in Clinical Practice. 2012 Aug;27(4):561-7.
Key words: Body mass index, obesity, body, energy intake, weight

3. Brundage M, Blazeby J, Revicki D, Bass B, de Vet H, Duffy H, Efficace F, King M, Lam CL, Moher D, Scott J, Sloan J, Snyder C, Yount S, Calvert M. Patient-reported outcomes in randomized clinical trials: development of ISOQOL reporting standards. Quality of Life Research. 2012 Sep 18 [Epub ahead of print].
Key words: Reporting, randomized clinical trials, quality of life, patient-reported outcomes, guidelines

4. Cole S, Reims K, Kershner L, McCombs HG, Little K, Ford DE. Improving care for depression: performance measures, outcomes and insights from the health disparities collaboratives. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 2012 Aug;23(3 Suppl):154-73.
Key words: Depression, depression in primary care, chronic care, primary care

5. Crews DC, Greer RC, Fadrowski JJ, Choi MJ, Doggett D, Segal JB, Fawole KA, Crawford PR, Boulware LE. Setting an agenda for comparative effectiveness systematic reviews in CKD care. BMC Nephrology. 2012 Aug 1;13(1):74 [Epub ahead of print].
Key words: Chronic kidney disease, evidence-based practice, health services research

6. Dalal D, Brancati FL, Sisson SD. Factors affecting learner satisfaction with an internet-based curriculum. Southern Medical Journal. 2012 Aug;105(8):387-91.
Key words: Ambulatory care, curriculum, learner satisfaction, online instruction, residency training

7. Estrella MM, Sisson SD, Roth J, Choi MJ. Efficacy of an internet-based tool for improving physician knowledge of chronic kidney disease: an observational study. BMC Nephrology. 2012 Sep 27;13(1):126.
Key words: Kidney disease, education, internet, primary care

8. Geller G, Harrison KL, Rushton CH. Ethical Challenges in the care of children and families affected by life-limiting neuromuscular diseases. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. 2012 Sep;33(7):548-561.
Key words: Ethics, pediatric neuromuscular disorders, moral distress, advance care planning

9. Gottesman RF, Sharma P, Robinson KA, Arnan M, Tsui M, Ladha K, Newman-Toker DE. Clinical characteristics of symptomatic vertebral artery dissection: a systematic review. Neurologist. 2012 Sep;18(5):245-54.
Key words: Vertebral artery dissection, dizziness, meta-analysis

10. Han L, Cheng A, Sur S, Tomaselli GF, Berger RD, Tereshchenko LG. Complex assessment of the temporal lability of repolarization. Int J Cardiol. 2012 Oct 17. pii: S0167-5273(12)01310-1.
Key words: heart failure; electrocardiogram; vectorcardiogram; repolarization lability
PMID: 23084544

11. Kalyani RR, Tian J, Xue QL, Walston J, Cappola AR, Fried LP, Brancati FL, Blaum CS. Hyperglycemia and incidence of frailty and lower extremity mobility limitations in older women. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2012 Aug 10. doi: 10.1111/j.1532-5415.2012.04099.x [Epub ahead of print].
Key words: Hyperglycemia, elderly, frailty, mobility, disability

12. McGuire MJ, Noronha G, Samal L, Yeh HC, Crocetti S, Kravet S. Patient safety perceptions of primary care providers after implementation of an electronic medical record system. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2012 Aug 11 [Epub ahead of print].
Key words: Electronic medical records, EMR, safety culture, primary care, safety attitudes questionnaire

13. Shetty PB, Tang H, Tayo BO, Morrison AC, Hanis CL, Rao DC, Young JH, Fox ER, Boerwinkle E, Cooper RS, Risch NJ, Zhu X; the Candidate Gene Association Resource (CARe) Consortium. Variants in CXADR and F2RL1 are associated with blood pressure and obesity in African-Americans in regions identified through admixture mapping. Journal of Hypertension. 2012 Aug 18 [Epub ahead of print].
Key words: African-Americans, blood pressure, genetic association studies, obesity

14. Uosaki H, Andersen P, Shenje LT, Fernandez L, Christiansen SL, Kwon C. Direct contact with endoderm-like cells efficiently induces cardiac progenitors from mouse and human pluripotent stem cells. PLoS One. 2012;7(10):e46413. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046413.
Key words: cardiac progenitors, pluripotent stem cells, endoderm
PMID: 23056302

15. Wang L, Szklo M, Folsom AR, Cook NR, Gapstur SM, Ouyang P. Endogenous sex hormones, blood pressure change, and risk of hypertension in postmenopausal women: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis 2012 Sep;224(1):228-34.
Key words : sex steroid hormones; hypertension; postmenopausal women; prospective study; epidemiology
PMID: 22862963

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