June 2013

Funding from Foundations/Private Sources

JHU's Corporate and Foundation Relations maintains a Web site listing upcoming grant competitions that are sponsored by foundations and other private sources: http://jhuresearch.jhu.edu/OCFR.htm. They are in addition to the limited-submission RFPs periodically announced by the Research Projects Administration office. The opportunities are listed in order of deadline and links to each funder's application information are provided. Contact Karin Hunt (karinmhunt@jhu.edu) with any questions.

Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) Request for Proposals for Non-embryonic Stem Cell Research

The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) announces the release of Requests for Proposals (RFP) for non-embryonic stem cell research on the International Space Station (ISS) National Laboratory (NL). The RFP seeks to identify projects studying the effects of microgravity on non-embryonic mammalian stem cells for one of two research emphasis areas: (1) rapid turn-around spaceflight experiments to be performed on the NL or (2) ground-based research that will pave the way for improved spaceflight experiments in the future. CASIS will support selected projects through grant funding, facilitation of service provider partnerships, coordination of available hardware that may be considered for research and flight transportation coordination to and from the ISS.

Please go to: http://www.iss-Casis.org/Opportunities/ Solicitations.aspx for details. Proposals are due at 5pm EST, on July 25, 2013.

2014 Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science

Three foreign-born biomedical scientists will be selected to receive the prizes, each including a cash award of $35,000.

Established in 2009, the Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise raise public awareness of the key role foreign-born researchers play in sustaining the leadership position of the United States in the sciences; the prizes also serve to support younger scientists who have distinguished themselves early in their careers.

Researchers in all fields of biomedical science are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have been born abroad, be naturalized citizens or permanent residents of the United States, hold a doctoral degree, intend to pursue a career in the United States, and be no more than 38 years old as of January 1, 2014. In addition, they must also hold a full-time independent position in an academic institution or other organization.

A written application, professional resume, list of publications, and letters of recommendation are required. The deadline for submissions is August 14, 2013. Eligibility requirements and a link to the online application can be found at Vilcek.org.

Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation Award Program


The Edward Mallinckrodt Jr. Foundation provides its Grant Award competition two times a year to support early-stage, investigators engaged in basic biomedical research that has the potential to advance the understanding, diagnosis or treatment of disease. Awards are made in the amount of $60K per year for up to three years. This foundation will not provide funding beyond the initial three-year period. No international projects are considered.

Johns Hopkins University is permitted to submit two nominations from the School of Medicine for this program. The deadline to submit preliminary applications for internal review is 5 p.m. on Monday, June 24, 2013. Interested applicants should submit their internal application materials to kjustice@jhmi.edu. Please submit the documents saved as one PDF in the following sequence:

  1. JHU Limited submission cover sheet (attached).
  2. Curriculum vitae, including current external research support and publications.
  3. Proposal with a detailed description of the research project (no more than five pages, single- or double--spaced). Also include references (in addition to the five-page proposal) that support the proposal.
  4. One- to two-page lay summary (should include project's title).
  5. Letter from the department chair that describes the candidate's qualifications and the potential impact of his/her work.
  6. Budget outlining how the awarded funds will be utilized (one-page maximum). Budget must also detail the levels of support of any grants already available or pending.

NOTE: This foundation does not fund overhead.

Each applicant should expect to receive a confirmation of receipt of his/her materials within 48 hours. If you do not receive such an acknowledgement, please contact Karen Falter directly at: (410) 502-2132 or by e-mail at kjustice@jhmi.edu. Selected candidates will be notified as soon as possible. Completed applications must be received by the Mallinckrodt Foundation via e-mail no later than August 1, 2013.

View application guidelines at http://www.emallinckrodtfoundation.org/Application.html

American Diabetes Association - Pathway to Stop Diabetes Program


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has introduced a new funding initiative entitled "Pathway to Stop Diabetes" with the intention of inspiring new research in diabetes. This program will provide support to individuals focusing on innovative ideas and transformational approaches that will lead to ground-breaking discoveries in the prevention, treatment and cure of all diabetes types (type 1, type 2 and gestational), diabetes-related disease states (obesity, pre-diabetes, and other insulin resistant states) and complications resulting from diabetes. The ADA is welcoming applications from investigators with various areas of expertise in science and technology including medicine, biology, chemistry, computing, engineering, physics, and mathematics.

The ADA Pathway program will support creative scientists early in their research careers or investigators who are established in other disciplines and would like to expand their focus to diabetes research through two awards. The Diabetes Research Career Initiator Award and the Diabetes Research Accelerator Award each provide support for independent research at a maximum of $325,000 per year (including 30% indirect costs). Specific information about the Pathway to Stop Diabetes program is available at: http://professional.diabetes.org/Congress_Display.aspx?TYP=9&SID=695&CID=91814
Johns Hopkins can submit only one application for this program. Interested applicants should submit the following materials in the sequence listed below in one pdf for an internal review by 5 p.m. on June 17, 2013, to resapp@jhu.edu:

  • JHU Internal Submission Cover Sheet (visit http://jhuresearch.jhu.edu/funding-special-private.htm for a copy)
  • Biosketch
  • Project Summary (two pages maximum)

Each applicant will receive a confirmation of receipt of their materials. If any applicant does not receive an acknowledgement within three business days, please contact Janet Palmer at (410) 516-3295 or by e-mail at jmp@jhu.edu. The selected application must be submitted to the American Diabetes Association by August 16, 2013.

Lasker Clinical Research Scholars Program

The Lasker Clinical Research Scholars Program provides 5+ years of full-time, funded research in the NIH intramural program for tenure-track level clinical investigators, followed by either continued research at the NIH, or a special opportunity for 5 additional years of NIH funds at an extramural medical center or research institute. Lasker Scholars may be able to maintain an affiliation with their previous institution during their time at the NIH.

The deadline for applications is June 24, 2013, for positions that will begin in 2014.

More information, including application instructions, can be found at:


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