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Best Practices

Follow Johns Hopkins Policies. Your use of social media may be covered by Johns Hopkins policies, such as human resources, use of name, privacy and information technologies (IT) policies.

Use First Person. When you comment, post or respond using social media, write in first person.

Be Transparent. What you write should come from you, not from a person writing on your behalf.

Check Your Grammar and Spelling. We have the best and brightest staff and should portray this same professionalism online by using correct grammar and spelling. It is OK, however, to use accepted abbreviations, such as “u” in place of “you” on micromedia sites like Twitter.

Disclose Your Johns Hopkins Relationship. If you are officially representing Johns Hopkins Medicine, be transparent and disclose that connection.

Check Your Facts. Johns Hopkins Medicine posts and comments should be accurate. Johns Hopkins Medicine representatives will acknowledge and immediately correct any errors we find.

Obtain Approval to Create a Site. All Johns Hopkins Medicine social media sites must follow the branding, graphics standards and social media best practices established by Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing and Communications. These standards and guidelines can be found at and

For clinicians, review Twitter and LinkedIn best practices.