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Social Media Guidelines

Johns Hopkins Medicine, which encompasses The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Health System and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, strives to empower its employees to use new evolving mediums to communicate internally and externally. While these communication platforms create new opportunities to connect with others, we ask employees to keep in mind their responsibilities while using these media.

Social media is not anonymous, even when your username or handle does not represent your name. If you purport to speak on behalf of Johns Hopkins Medicine, or if the context of your communication indicates that you represent Johns Hopkins Medicine, your words, ideas and creations online directly affect the reputation of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The following guidelines were developed to help maintain professionalism and business courtesy while working within social media in any context when you represent or purport to speak on behalf of Johns Hopkins Medicine:

It is important to note that these guidelines may be applicable even when making reference to Johns Hopkins Medicine within social media outside of work.