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COVID-19 Social Media Sharing Guidelines

Thank you for sharing your stories of hope and courage and messages of inspiration to others. When sharing through the form or in social please keep the following tips in mind.

Each of you are an extension of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Brand. Your social media posts can hold more weight due to this connection. Conduct yourself responsibly and follow recent reminders around use of social media.

When sharing your stories in social, tap into the national conversation with #HealthcareHeroes and tag @HopkinsMedicine or your respective entity where you work.

woman forming heart shape with her fingers
group in white coats posing for picture

Authenticity: Capture authenticity and showcase the heart of Hopkins by giving a more personal look at you and your colleagues during these times. Don't feel the need to be overly posed, as we want to capture you and your colleagues in your most natural environment.

Note, these photos represent examples of authenticity and were taken prior to COVID-19.

Doctor and paramedic speaking to patient

HIPAA: Make sure that the photographs don't have patients, or patient identifying information in the background. You can see in the example on the right; the screen is blurred out in the background to avoid sharing any potential patient information.

Note, this photo represents an example of patient privacy and was taken prior to COVID-19.

Diversity: When possible, it is important to capture the diversity of the staff at Hopkins. This includes job roles, gender, etc. We want to make sure that in addition to our doctors and nurses, that we are capturing stories of our support staff, environmental service workers, call center agents and others showing great dedication and courage.

Note, these photos represent an example of the diversity of staff at Hopkins and were taken prior to COVID-19.

Hospital staff in scrubs and face masks holding signs

Proper social distancing: Please keep in mind that social and physical distancing are of the utmost importance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Even in group photos and/or while wearing PPE, everyone must be at least six feet apart.

Proper use of PPE: When sharing or taking photos/videos, please keep in mind all safety guidelines related to social distancing and proper wearing of your mask and other personal protective equipment. Please visit the COVID-19 Internal Resource Portal if you have questions around these protocols. See examples to the right.

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