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Web Development, Branding, User Experience Design and Information Architecture

The Web team considers enterprise-wide branding and user experience goals and marries those with strategic goals for developing individual web sites for departments, divisions, offices, and affiliates in an effort to create a simple, consistent experience for all visitors to

Information architecture is a critical component of the Johns Hopkins Medicine web presence because it:

  • Helps users find the information that they are seeking
  • Lets users know where they are, and where they have been
  • Improves users' experience on our web sites

Consistency of information architecture and design across all departments, divisions, offices, and affiliates:

  • Prevents users having to re-learn how the site is structured (it speeds up their interactions and navigation) or to learn as much about the structure of the organization when seeking information
  • Provides reassurance that a user is still in the same place
  • Portrays an overall impression of professionalism and reliability
  • Facilitates improved writing, publishing and maintenance
  • Supports the implementation of XML, CSS and other technologies that rely on structured content

Parties are invited to e-mail to initiate a project. A member of the web team will follow up to gather information and determine an approach to the project. The discovery process usually takes a series of phone calls and in-person meetings that lead to the development of a project plan that allows for application, information architecture, content development and other needs specific to each client.


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If you're interested in working with our team on a web project or to start your own social media channel, submit a Web Service Request. For paid search engine marketing and paid social media requests, submit a Marketing Proposal.

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