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Project Engagement and Project Management

Before any project is initiated on, potential clients meet with the Web Team to engage in an engagement and discovery process that identifies goals for the project, major stakeholders and their involvement in the project, considerations for Johns Hopkins Medicine as a whole, what tools are already available to develop the project, and consideration of custom development, among other factors.

Most web projects require coordination among a number of parties and stakeholders. The Web team uses an Agile method to complete projects, an approach that allows for smaller, more efficient projects with an opportunity for earlier success and evaluation as well as an ongoing commitment to continued growth. The Web Team provides project management services to accommodate this approach.

Generally, we begin the engagement process by collecting information prior to our first meeting, working with a primary contact to lay the foundation for our first meeting. The web team does not typically bill for this phase of the project. Instead the goal is to produce an estimate to begin work.

The Website Production Process

Please review our step-by-step guide for a complete explanation of the website production process, what your team can expect and how you play a part in the project.


Submit a Request

If you're interested in working with our team on a web project or to start your own social media channel, submit a Web Service Request. For paid search engine marketing and paid social media requests, submit a Marketing Proposal.

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