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Conditions and Treatments

We can treat any age from newborn to adult. Vascular anomalies are present at birth, and become apparent at different ages. We are just beginning to understand how anomalies occur.

The best age of treatment depends on the specific vascular anomaly and its symptoms, and is individualized to each person. Our multidisciplinary vascular anomalies team reviews each patient's case to determine the most effective treatment.

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Vascular Tumors and Syndromes:

Vascular Malformations:

woman with AVM

Vascular Malformations

Vascular Malformation is a general term that includes congenital vascular anomalies of only veins, only lymph vessels, both veins and lymph vessels, or both Arteries and Veins. Vascular malformations are treated by embolization.

Learn about the vascular malformations we treat.

Boy with Infantile Hmeangioma

Vascular Tumors

Vascular Tumors are formed of blood vessels that grow abnormally and can occur anywhere on the body. Most are benign (noncancerous) and some resolve on their own.

Learn about the vascular tumors we treat.