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Member Feedback

Arthur | USFHP

US Army, Retired
Member for 6 years

The name Johns Hopkins makes a big difference. We are confident we have the best looking after us.

- Sam and Shirley Kollas Major USAF Ret. Member 16 years

The Kollas

I've been a member for 12 years of the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan. I'm still surprised at the personal attention."

- John Stanford TSgt. USAF Ret. Member 12 years

John Stanford

We just sold our house to another military retiree couple and we recommended the Johns Hopkins plan to them."

- Peggy and Donald Truesdell CPO USN Ret. Member 15 years

The Truesdells

They listen and really care. They even call me back if they don't hear from me!

- John McCormack USMC Ret. Member 3 years

John McCormack

When we've needed a specialist, the Johns Hopkins plan has been great."

- The Dennison Family USAF Member 5 years

The Dennisons

Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan locations are everywhere. We're never far from the care we need.

- Don and Althea Freeman MAJ USA Ret. Member 15 years

The Freemans

With 5 kids, we love the convenient locations, late hours, and after-hours phone line for 24-hour emergency care.

- The Vozolla Family USN Member 1 year

It's easy to get an appointment. I don't have to wait weeks to see the doctor.

- Leo Snyder USN and USPHS Ret. Member 14 years

Judith C. Lee - Health Care Agent for Sarah E. Harrell (Member) "I got the pot of gold on my first call. I noticed I was NOT on hold more than a few seconds before she answered. I was then greeted by a pleasant, professional, but warm and comfortable voice. When the conversation was over I felt like I had been talking to a friend. There is no way I can begin to express my appreciation except to say Thank you from the 'top down'. The family's first visit to the Odenton Center was good. It has only gotten better with each visit. The cleanliness is outstanding as has been the conduct and treatment of the staff."

- Sarah E. Harrell USN and USPHS Ret. Member 14 years

Both my wife and I remain as happy and satisfied with the Johns Hopkins USFHP as ever. Just can't tell you enough what peace of mind that our participation in the Plan has brought us.

- Michael F. Ouellette

Such good care. I love the program because of the convenience, quick referrals, and quick cure. Johns Hopkins has such a good reputation, I can go there with confidence. I wouldn't hesitate to say I was glad I chose the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan... I'm 100% satisfied."

- John Hart