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Plan Information on Costs

TRICARE Prime Benefits


Cost for Active-Duty Family Members

Cost for Retirees, Family Members and Survivors

Premium Fees$0$282.60 individual / $565.20 family

Outpatient Services (subject to medical review)

Office visits$0$12
Maternity care (prenatal, postnatal)$0$0

Well-child care (birth to age 6)

Routine physical examinations6$0$0
X-ray and lab tests1$0$0
Ambulatory surgery (same day) 
All surgical procedures (regardless of where they are performed. Excluding
some venipuncture and fetal monitoring procedures) and Birthing Centers
(prenatal care, outpatient delivery and postnatal care)
Physical therapy (when medically necessary)$0$12
Cardiac Rehabilitation4$0$12

Inpatient Services (subject to medical review)

Hospitalization (semi-private room and board)$0$11 per day/$25 minimum
charge for admission
Maternity care (prenatal, delivery, postnatal hospital and professional services)$0

$11 per day/$25 minimum
charge for admission

Physician services$0$0
General nursing services$0$0
Diagnostic tests including lab and X-ray$0$0
Operating room, anesthesia and supplies$0$0
Medically necessary supplies and services$0$0
Physical therapy (when medically necessary)$0$0

Mental Health Services (subject to medical review)

Outpatient care individual$0$12 per visit
Outpatient group / family therapy$0$12 per visit
Partial hospitalization mental health$0$12 per visit
Inpatient hospital psychiatric care$0$11 per day / $25.00 minimum

Substance Abuse Treatment (subject to medical review)

Outpatient care (individual)$0$12 per visit
Outpatient group/family therapy$0$12 per visit
Inpatient services$0$11 per day / $25.00 minimum 
Inpatient rehabilitation / Partial hospitalization program$0$11 per day / $25.00 minimum 

Other Services (subject to medical review)

Ambulance services5 (when medically necessary)$0$20 per occurrence
Dental Care - basic preventiveReduced feesReduced fees
Durable medical equipment$020%
Emergency room services2 (including out of the area)$0$30
Hospice care$0$12 per day
Routine eye examination (1 per year)$0$0
Family planning services$0$12
Radiation/chemotherapy office visits$0$12
Prescription drug co-pays3 (Rite Aid retail)
(up to a 30 day supply)

$10 generic
$24 brand name
$50 Non-pref brand name

$10 generic
$24 brand name
$50 Non-pref brand name
Prescription drug co-pays3 (Home delivery only)
(up to a 90 day supply)
$0 generic
$20 brand name
$49 Non-pref brand name
$0 generic
$20 brand name
$49 Non-pref brand name
Skilled nursing facility care$0$11 per day/$25 minimum
charge per admission
Home health care (part-time skilled nursing care)$0$12 per visit
Out of area (emergency services only)$0$30
Catastrophic cap$1,000 per enrollment yr.$3,000 per enrollment yr.

Footnotes to chart:

  1. If lab services are provided on the same day as the office visit and a co-pay is collected for the visit, no additional co-pay will be collected. No co-pay will be collected when services are billed and provided as clinical preventive services. Exceptions: Co-pay may be required for certain radiation oncology, vascular and pulmonary procedures and studies. Contact Customer Service for details.
  2. Unless you are admitted to the hospital, in which case only the inpatient co-payment applies.
  3. Prescription drug availability is limited to drugs prescribed by a Plan provider and covered as a Plan benefit. Availability of non-emergency prescriptions when out of the area is also limited. Over-the-counter medications and supplies are not covered. Retail vendor for prescriptions is Rite Aid Pharmacy.
  4. Outpatient treatment following the initial intake evaluation and testing is limited to a maximum of 36 sessions per cardiac event.
  5. Upon arrival of the ambulance and member refuses transport, the member is liable/responsible for services rendered.
  6. Routine Physical Examinations – while there is no co-pay for a Routine Physical; an office visit co-pay may be assessed if other procedures (not considered routine) are conducted during the examination.