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LASIK at Wilmer

Wilmer Eye Institute

The Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan and the Wilmer Eye Institute are pleased to offer a discount arrangement under which members of USFHP can receive a $400 discount on laser vision correction services on both eyes when performed by a member of the full-time faculty of the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. 

Why Choose the Wilmer Eye Institute?

When USFHP’s members come to Wilmer they will have the comfort of knowing that their eyes are in the care of surgeons who are extensively experienced not only in laser vision correction but in all aspects of caring for the cornea.  It is this type of expertise that sets the Wilmer surgeon apart.   In surveys of physicians performed by US News & World Report and by Ophthalmology Times magazine, Wilmer is ranked again and again as one of the leading eye centers in the United States.

Highly-Skilled Care

All of our laser surgeons are board-certified ophthalmologists who specialize in laser vision correction and anterior segment (corneal) surgery.  Many of our surgeons are also cornea fellowship trained, which means they have devoted their entire careers to understanding every aspect of the cornea – how it functions, how it changes over the course of a person’s life, how it responds to different types of treatment, how to care for it in every possible situation.  Our surgeons perform every type of corneal treatment, from the most complex corneal transplants to drug therapies to laser vision correction itself.  Wilmer has been leading in the use of laser in eye care since the 1960's, and was the first in the state to have an excimer laser.

To Learn More

You can also call our laser vision centers at 410-583-2800 (Green Spring Station) or at 410-893-0480 (Bel Air). Our staff will answer your questions and will assist you with the next steps. If you wish, we can make an appointment for an initial evaluation.