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Winter 2012 Q&As

AC Winter 2012

Q: How do I enroll in the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan?

A: The fastest way to enroll in the US Family Health Plan would be to simply go to the Sign Up Now link in the upper right hand corner of this web site. On this page you will notice two options for enrolling. For the fasted method we recommend option 1, Paper Application. Option 2 is an online version but that method can take anywhere between 9 to 14 days before the enrollment department actually receives your application.

In this example we are using option 1, Paper Application. So click on that link and it will open other screen displaying many useful links to help you complete the entire enrollment process.

It might be helpful to know which location you will be applying for so option 1 on this page will help you find the location of a PCP nearest you. If you need a written explanation of how to fill out the application form, then option 2 will guide you through that.

Option 3 is the actual application form that you must complete and get in to us to join. This link will open a PDF form on your screen. You can type right into this document on screen or you can print it out beforehand and write on form as well. But either way you choose, you will ultimately have to print this form out, and once completed you can either mail it to us or simply fax (410- 424-4770) it to us as well. For further assistance you can call Customer Service at 800-808-7347.

Q: I am 62 years old, how will the new National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) affect my enrollment in the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan?

A: The NDAA does not impact current US Family Health Plan members. Members with an effective enrollment date on or before September 30, 2012 regardless of age are grandfathered in the Plan and retain their eligibility.