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Spring 2013 Q&As


Q: What does it mean if my pharmacist says "prior authorization" is needed?

Some medications require prior authorization before they can be dispensed. To initiate a prior-authorization: your provider must complete and fax the Prior Authorization form to the Johns Hopkins Healthcare Pharmacy department at 410-424-4607.

 To download a copy of the Pharmacy Prior-Authorization form, click here. Prior Authorization requests are reviewed within 48 hours of receipt by Johns Hopkins USFHP. Requests marked as “Urgent” are reviewed within 24 hours.

Q: Do some prescription drugs have additional requirements for coverage?

USFHP utilizes the TRICARE pharmacy formulary. The TRICARE formulary and pharmaceutical management policies are developed by the Department of Defense Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. The TRICARE formulary is a tiered, open formulary and includes generic drugs (Tier 1), preferred brand drugs (Tier 2), and non-preferred brand drugs (Tier 3). Each tier carries a different co-pay cost structure. For current co-pay cost, please visit this page and click on Co-payments. Additional information about the DoD Pharmacy and Therapeutics review and list of formulary drugs can be found at