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Fall 2011 Q&As

Fall Customer Service Rep 2011

Q: Can my spouse and I get treatment for infertility under the Plan?

A: Yes. The Johns Hopkins University Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility and the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan have partnered to offer a comprehensive program of assisted reproductive technologies for the treatment of infertility at reduced cost to interested Plan members. 

Your spouse would need a referral from her primary care physician or OB provider. Medical records with all diagnostic and relevant interventions need to be provided as well.

An initial appointment can be provided in approximately 10 days from referral by calling: 410-616-7140.

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Q: (The cost of my prescription copay just went up.) Is there any way I can save on medications I have to take every day?

A: Yes. If you are currently receiving a 90 day supply, Generic maintenance medication, you can receive that prescription at no cost to you either by mail order or going to a Rite Aid retail pharmacy near you. If you are using a Brand Name drug the cost stays the same ($9). The cost does however increase when you get into the Non-Formulary drugs, and those carry a $25 co-payment for both mail order or retail.

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