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Why I Give...

Just why do your colleagues choose to donate their money to the United Way? Here are a few quotes from your colleagues that share why they give. 

"There are homeless, hungry and addicted men, women and children in Baltimore. We are protected, comfortable, and able to help. It is a privilege to be able to provide support financially our neighbors and the organizations that help them."

- Dan Shealer, Esq., Vice President and General Counsel of the Johns Hopkins Health System and the Johns Hopkins Hospital

"When I was a little girl living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, my Mom and Dad were both committed fundraisers for the United Way. My Dad, who led the UW Campaign at Union Carbide Corporation where he worked, and my Mom, who led the United Way Campaign at the Elementary School which I attended, expected everyone to pitch in and help United Way, including myself and my brother and sister. Not only did we young ones attend many United Way fundraising events, we also emptied our piggy banks after hearing the inspiring United Way stories.

Times have changed over these many decades, and my Mom and Dad are gone, but they taught us well, ‘Be sure to give to United Way!’"

- Joanne, Pollak, Esq. Sr. Vice President, General Counsel & Chief of Staff Johns Hopkins Medicine

"I have been a contributor to the United Way for many years (and many more to come). Seeing the funds provided though the United Way at work has continually reinforced the value that they provide. The ability they have to work at the community level with a wide range of organizations provides an invaluable addition to our city and beyond."

- Steven J. Thompson, CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine International

"Melissa and I feel blessed to have the resources to give back to our community, and we believe the United Way is a fabulous steward through which we can assure we are making the greatest impact."


- Steve Kravet. M.D., President Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

"The United Way provides me with the opportunity to "give back" through an organization committed to providing specific services and assistance to those who have very significant social and financial needs. I have personally worked with many of the United Way dedicated staff, and can attest to both the organizational and personal commitment to the work that they do."

- Elizabeth Ferrugia, Manager Clinical Services

"As both a donor and volunteer, Joe and I know that our work with the United Way not only directly improves the well-being of our community, but helps galvanize others to join in the effort to create long-term sustained improvement in the education, income and health of our neighbors. It is the least we can do, when we have been given so much."

- Patty Brown, Senior Vice President, Managed Care and Population Health, Johns Hopkins Medicine and President, Johns Hopkins Health Care LLC

"Melissa and I feel incredibly fortunate that we are in a position to help others, and it is truly gratifying to support so many good charities for the least fortunate in our community. We feel that giving is also part of our commitment to the wider community, and is consistent with the mission of Hopkins as well."

- Charles B. Reuland, Sc.D., Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center