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Give Now

Choose How You Want to Make a Difference

You can donate to programs focused on COVID-19 assistance, a specific United Way program, a community partner organization (see lists for central Maryland and NCR), any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of your choice, eligible Johns Hopkins departments and programs, or any combination of these options.

Make Your Gift Using Community Connections

Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty and staff members can use Community Connections to manage personal and work-related community service and philanthropy. The platform also features local volunteer opportunities and stories about your colleagues' community work. 

Follow these steps or view a video tutorial to donate.

  1. Log into Community Connections at Note: You must use your [JHEDID] to log in (you will not be able to log in using your or email address).
  2. Select the Johns Hopkins Medicine United Way campaign card from the homepage.
  3. Scroll to the Donate Panel and select your Payment Method (payroll or credit card).
  4. Select how often you would like to donate (a one-time donation or every pay period).
  5. Select/type in how much you would like to donate.
  6. Select who you would like to donate to. Your local United Way and their programs will automatically populate, along with eligible Johns Hopkins programs.
    1. You can also choose to donate to a nonprofit of your choice. Select Add Recipient in the top right corner to search. If you cannot find the nonprofit you are looking for, select Write In Recipient to write in the organization of your choice.
  7. Allocate your pay per deductions between recipients. The total must match the amount you selected to donate on the previous screen.
  8. Select Donate at the bottom of the page to complete your donation.

Donate Now!