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Community Supported Agriculture Pickup Site Returns to East Baltimore

Sponsored by University Health Services Office of Wellness and Health Promotion with the support of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

Want fresh, local veggies delivered onsite at your school or workplace? Join our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, which brings customized boxes of organic produce from One Straw Farm in Baltimore County to the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Campus every Tuesday afternoon from June 5 to November 13.  Pickups will be from 3-6 pm at the Bloomberg School of Public Health garage (enter from Washington St between McElderry St and Monument St).

Community Supported Agriculture allows you to purchase a weekly share of vegetables grown by local farmers over an entire growing season.  All Johns Hopkins students, staff, and faculty are invited to participate.  Sign up here and search for our pickup location on the map by using the zip code 21205 or click “list view” and select JHSPH:  Please note that the Harvie website does not work with Internet Explorer, so use Chrome, Firefox, or other web browser instead. 

Read on to hear more about the CSA program from One Straw Farm.

This year, One Straw Farm is offering a completely new CSA experience - customized boxes! This innovative CSA program is called Harvie.  Harvie is a completely new CSA software platform built from the ground up with the goal of better serving members.

This year's CSA features:

  • a customized box
  • greater variety within each box
  • flexible box sizes
  • flexible weeks
  • ability to add to your box
  • each box will be delivered with your name on it and a list of what is in your box for the week 

Here are the details of Harvie:

Customized Boxes After completing sign up and choosing your site and share size (small, medium, or large), we list the vegetables we grow. You rate each vegetable from 0 ("I never want it in my box") to 4 ("I love it!”). 

At the start of each week, Harvie will generate a suggested box for you based on what we have available to harvest that week. A couple of days before delivery, you will receive an email notifying you that you can login to Harvie and adjust your custom box. You can remove items or swap them for other things you need, or even purchase extra items! If you don't want to customize your share, you can leave it alone. It's already set to your preferences so chances are, you'll like what you receive. 

Purchase Delivery Extras Having a party one week or out of town guests? Or just hungry for more local food? Use delivery extras to purchase items above and beyond your basic box.

Price A small share is $16/week or $384 total (feeds 2), a medium share is $27/week or $648 total (feeds 4), and a large share is $864 (feeds 6+).

Payment Plans With Harvie's payment plan, you pay 25% of your share price at signup, 25% at your first delivery, and the remaining 50% will be split up and charged at the time of each delivery. If you prefer, you can choose to pay in full at signup.

Delivery Flexibility Including Vacation Holds and Double Boxes

If you need to put your box on hold or move it to another week, you can login to do that.

Cooking Suggestion Engine

Harvie has a built in cooking suggestion engine which will generate recipe suggestions based on your custom box. 

Farm Days

Throughout 2018 we will have Twilight Tours - educational events for you to learn more about the food you eat along with Music Nights and pick your own flower and sunflower days. It is our hope to have each of you visit our farm at least once this season so we can get to know you better and share everything that we do to get delicious local food to your table.  

To sign up for the One Straw Farm, please visit:  For questions about our pickup site, please email