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Financial Considerations

Donors should be aware of financial requirements.

As a living donor, you should be aware of the financial aspects of donation.

Covered by Recipient’s Insurance

  • Screening tests
  • Surgery
  • Some follow-up care

Not Covered by Recipient’s Insurance

  • Time off of work
  • Travel expenses
  • Expenses for treatment of unrelated conditions (For example, if a screening test shows cancerous cells, treatment for this condition would not be covered by the recipient’s insurance).

Donors should check with their own insurance prior to donation. Although unlikely, the act of donating a kidney could possibly affect future insurance coverage. We recommend that you have insurance prior to donating a kidney.

For travel expenses and other funds, the National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC) offers a grant to donors. There are income qualifications that both the donor and the recipient must meet in order for the donor to be eligible.

If you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor, call 410-614-9345.

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