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During Your Transplant

When you arrive at the hospital, your blood will be drawn and you’ll receive a physical exam. You may need an X-ray or an EKG. You may be asked to scrub yourself clean. Finally, you will be anesthetized for the surgery.

Auto Islet

Auto Islet transplant surgery lasts approximately eight to ten hours. Patients may stay in the hospital for 10-14 days after surgery.

Hand Transplant

Hand transplant surgery is extensive. Patients may stay in the hospital for several days and will experience months of intense physical therapy.

Kidney / Pancreas

Kidney / Pancreas transplant surgery takes approximately four hours, depending on a patient’s medical condition and previous surgeries.  Patients stay in the hospital for approximately seven days after an uncomplicated surgery. For a simultaneous kidney/pancreas transplant, the average stay is 14 days.


Liver transplant surgery lasts anywhere from six to twelve hours. After an uncomplicated procedure, the average hospital stay is seven days.


Heart transplant surgery takes approximately six hours to perform. Typically, the length of hospital stay after a heart transplant is seven to ten days.


Lung transplant surgery lasts approximately six hours. The average hospital stay after a lung transplant is seven to fourteen days.

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