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Organ Donors

There are two types of organ donors, deceased or living. Deceased donor organs are obtained through procurement services offered by the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland (LLF), a non-profit organ and tissue donation program.

The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center encourages live organ donation for our kidney transplant patients. We also offer a live donor program for liver transplant patients as well.

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Living Kidney Donor Surgery

Transplant surgeon Dorry Segev discusses the kidney transplant waiting list, living kidney donors, surgery, recovery and the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center.

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Benefits of Living Donation

There are many benefits to having a living donor. Often, a living donor is a relative. Such genetic matches lower the risk of organ, and genetically matched organs actually begin to function sooner than non-genetically matched organs.

Having a living donor also shortens the amount of time a patient spends on the waiting list. Furthermore, living donation surgeries can be scheduled, allowing for the patient and the donor to find a time that works best (summer vacation, winter break, etc.)

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#TomorrowsDiscoveries: Using Technology to find Organ Donors– Andrew Cameron, M.D., Ph.D.

Andrew Cameron, a liver transplant surgeon, recognizes that many people wait on the transplant list. He and his team worked with Facebook to allow people to show their friends they are registered organ donors. The initiative tremendously increased donor registration rates. Dr. Cameron’s team is now working on an app to help patients identify a living donor.

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