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Before Your Transplant

There are several steps and considerations to make before your transplant:

  • Referral – The referral process at the Johns Hopkins Hospital can be self- or physician-referred. It is important to complete all required paper work in a timely manner. This paperwork is essential to setting up your evaluation appointment.
  • Evaluation – You will meet with several members of the transplant team to determine your transplant eligibility status. The evaluation appointment is a comprehensive medical appointment which may result in additional medical testing.
  • Organ Donors – The organ you receive may be from a cadaveric or a living donor. The kidney transplant program at Johns Hopkins specializes in living donation programs. If you have a friend or family member interested in living donation they are encouraged to call us at 410-614-9345.
  • The Waiting List – The United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) manages the deceased donor waiting list for the United States. This national registry tracks all transplant candidates and determines their placement on the list. Each organ has their own unique process in regards to the waitlist.
  • Receiving the call – Unless your transplant is scheduled, you'll receive a phone call when a donor organ becomes available.

Contact us for more information about transplant evaluations.

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