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Sheikh Zayed Tower

Zayed Tower

In April 2012, the Comprehensive Transplant Center will move out of its 30-year-old facilities and into the new Sheikh Zayed Tower located on the main campus of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. This means there will be many new and exciting changes for our patients and their families.

All patients formerly in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nelson 7 wing will be moved to the west wing on the ninth floor (9W) in Zayed Tower.  All hospital rooms are private with ample space for visitors and provide abundant natural light. Two rooms have ceiling lifts to help move patients, if needed. There is also a central family respite area, complete with a refrigerator, microwave, television and phone.  

At Johns Hopkins, we believe that once you’re a transplant patient, you’re always a transplant patient. The Sheikh Zayed Tower offers an overall better transplant experience as surgical patients and medicine patients will all be housed in the same unit, which is located near the surgical intensive care unit (SICU). This allows for better collaboration between surgeons and physicians, and better long-term patient care.  

The new environment is designed as a quiet place to heal. Nurses are equipped with personal locator devices. This means patients will not be disturbed by overhead paging, and nurses can respond more quickly. Rooms are also surrounded by noise-reducing soundboards to make the experience more calming.

We are excited about these enhancements and the impact they will have for our patients at the Comprehensive Transplant Center. To learn more information, read about the Sheikh Zayed Tower or the new Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center. 

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