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Technology & Innovations

An operating room in the Sheikh Zayed Tower.Operating room

At The Johns Hopkins Hospital, we use state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, many of which were pioneered by our own researchers and clinicians.

Our technology enhances patient care in three ways:

  • Greater precision and safety
  • A more comfortable patient experience
  • Improved coordination and a smoother workflow

For example, repeated alarms, beeps and overhead pages are familiar to anyone who has stayed in a hospital. Yet these noises can disturb patients and distract staff.

Patients who stay in the Sheikh Zayed Tower, the Bloomberg Children's Center or the Nelson/Harvey building enjoy a quieter, more peaceful environment. Innovative technology eliminates overhead paging, advanced building materials absorb sound and thoughtfully designed floor plans reduce foot traffic and noise.

Features You May Notice

In the Zayed Tower, the Bloomberg Children’s Center and the Nelson/Harvey building, you’ll find:

  • A quiet nurse-call system for better patient-nurse communication and a more peaceful environment
  • Sound-absorbing acoustic panels and ceiling tiles in patient areas and public spaces
  • Private rooms for every overnight patient
  • Workstations between every two patient rooms so your medical care team can stay close to your bedside for better monitoring and access to your records

Innovations You Don’t See

Just as important to your care are the innovations that you may not see but that enable your caregivers — and the hospital environment itself — to work more effectively, including:

  • An advanced air circulation system with filtration to prevent the spread of germs and reduce respiratory complications
  • The latest surgical technologies in 33 operating rooms, including intraoperative MRI
  • Innovative location of patient units to provide the best care and collaboration among your health care team
  • A real-time locating system that instantly tracks equipment anywhere in the hospital and can locate staff on the inpatient units
  • Radiologic imaging suites with the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging and radiology services in the country
  • An automated underground system that hauls supplies and waste materials through a tunnel and out to the hospital’s loading dock, a quarter mile from patient care areas
  • Highly advanced computer systems to help your medical care team respond to problems

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