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Just for Kids in the Bloomberg Children’s Center

Image of children running around in the lobby of the Bloomberg Children's Center.Sculptures on the Main level of the Bloomberg Children's Center

From the moment you enter the soaring lobby of the Bloomberg Children’s Center, you sense that this is a space for sophisticated pediatric health care, that understands the special healthcare needs of children.

Families Are Part of Our Healthcare Team

Families partner with our healthcare providers to improve their child’s healthcare experience. Our state-of-the-art facility offers family-friendly features to make this partnership even stronger.

  • 205 private patient rooms with sleeping accommodations, private baths and individually controlled thermostats
  • Laundry and kitchenettes on every floor for family members
  • A 45-bed neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with private rooms and family accommodations
  • A 40-ped pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) with rooming-in for parents
  • An expanded pediatric Emergency Department with 32 private exam rooms
  • 10 state-of-the-art pediatric surgical suites
  • Level-1 pediatric trauma services
  • Pediatric burn services
  • A dedicated pediatric radiology unit
  • Oncology and psychiatry floors with separate but adjacent outpatient and inpatient treatment areas

A Child-Friendly Environment

In addition to high quality pediatric medicine, the Bloomberg Children’s Center doesn’t forget that its patients are still kids:

  • Playrooms on every floor. Our Child Life Specialists are here to help your child cope with their healthcare experience and normalize it as much as possible by providing therapeutic play opportunities.
  • The Great Room. This 27-by-48 foot room has a basketball net, plenty of windows and closets for play supplies. Child Life guides children in recreational activities here.
  • A garden for kids. Sara’s Garden, a tranquil space nestled in a corner of an open-air courtyard, featuring volcanoes, a water pump, birds in flight, and stars that light when you touch them.
  • Games and movies. A free, interactive TV network featuring movies, the Internet, and in-room video gaming.
  • Solitude. A meditation room intended for meditation and prayer for all faiths on the 3rd floor of the Bloomberg Children’s Center.
  • Great food. Meals on demand 12 hours a day for children and their families so you can eat what you what, when you want it.
  • A TV studio. A fully-equipped Children’s Center Television (CCTV) Studio on the Main Level of the Bloomberg Children’s Center, where Child Life produces children’s programming, such as Hospital Bingo. If you child feels well enough, he or she can produce and direct their own TV shows for fellow patients to watch on the hospital’s TigrNet network.
  • Children’s and Family Resource Library. Parents and patients are invited to use our new library to borrow books for pleasure and information.

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