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Johns Hopkins Telemedicine

Expert-to-Expert Programs

Telemedicine can provide immediate access to a health care specialist, encourage greater collaboration, and ultimately contribute to a higher level of multidisciplinary care for the patient.

For medical experts outside the Johns Hopkins network interested in telemedicine opportunities, please contact the Office of Telemedicine.

Johns Hopkins Medicine experts interested in a telemedicine program can learn how to get involved by visiting the Office of Telemedicine intranet site.

Opthalmology eye screening consult using telemedicine technologies.

Wilmer Video Ophthalmology Emergency Department TeleScreening Consult

While academic medical centers and larger medical institutions may have around-the-clock ophthalmologists available, many community hospitals and rural emergency locations do not, and research indicates that roughly 40 percent of emergency department visits related to eye issues are non-emergent problems.

To provide better patient care and reduce unnecessary ED-to-ED transfers, Wilmer Eye Institute experts are using telemedicine services to consult with emergency department experts at Howard County General Hospital.

Grand Rounds

The Grand Rounds program focuses on connecting employers with care providers across the country. This program is designed to provide efficient and effective care, while boosting the speed and accuracy of clinical diagnoses, which ultimately will a reduction in companies' healthcare and lost labor expenses.

The Grand Rounds care team, led by a medical provider, interfaces with Johns Hopkins Medicine experts to facilitate the opinion to the patient.