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Work with Us

We’re a clinically integrated, professional software application design and development team serving Johns Hopkins Medicine. We ensure project costs remain low by providing service at a subsidized rate for Johns Hopkins Medicine and by building resources that can be applied to a variety of digital health solutions.

Because of our internal presence within the institution, the Technology Innovation Center has an advantage over external software development services who may not have the level of experience, depth of knowledge or the necessary data and personnel access required to ensure success of health IT projects. We work closely with IT@JH and clinical leadership to ensure a project’s success within the institution.

Submit a project proposal
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How to Start Working with Us

Submit your information through our online proposal form (JHED log-in required). Fill out the form as completely as possible to limit turnaround time. You must access the form through your JHED login and be on the Johns Hopkins wifi (hopkins) to fill it in.

Within two weeks of submission, a TIC project manager will be in touch with follow-up questions in order to create a cost estimate for your team.

Looking to work with us in other ways?

For help with building your team, designing your technology and finding funding, check out the TIC Pre-accelerator and sign up to be notified about the next application cycle.

Interested in setting up a technology-based design-thinking workshop with our team before you go further? Contact us to find out more about this service.

Hoping to get involved in the Technology Innovation Center general programming and informational sessions? Sign up to join our mailing list and be notified first about our workshops and events.

Application Design and Development

We partner with clinicians and providers to build novel, interactive software applications that support health care professionals in delivering better care and patients in receiving that care. These applications are usually accessed in the clinical environment and are often used for communication, monitoring, analysis or education.

We also recognize that we live in a mobile world. We develop mobile applications using frameworks that can be used across Android and iOS devices as well as the web so that you can get your application into the hands of more users, faster. If the use case requires it, we also build native mobile apps.

We begin every project by working with clinical champion to identify and study the primary audiences. From there, our team analyzes existing clinical workflows of those audiences to begin a design process that ensures the application integrates with the daily tasks of its primary users.

Stakeholders partner with the Technology Innovation Center team in design sessions, and development is done iteratively to elicit feedback early and often. In our first phase of work with you, our goal is to create a minimum viable software application that you can get into the hands of users for validation at Johns Hopkins as quickly as possible.

After deployment, our goal is to help expand the positive impact of the application. We do this by designing and executing additional development phases, assisting with licensing and potentially helping you launch a start-up.

Types of Applications We've Built
  • Asset management
  • Clinical decision support
  • Coordination of care
  • Communication
  • EMR aggregation
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Predictive analytics
  • Patient and provider education
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Situational awareness
  • Surveillance
  • Workflow
Our Process
  1. We learn you’re interested in using our services to build a software application with clinical impact.
  2. You submit a project proposal through our online form with information about your idea, partners, timeline and more.
  3. We determine a ballpark cost estimate.
  4. With your approval of the ballpark cost estimate, and with project approval from our advisory leadership, we work together to design basic project requirements.
  5. A statement of work and partnership letter is signed and work commences.
  6. During development, routine scheduled meetings will engage you, the clinical champion, in the process.
  7. We successfully launch the product into a stable web hosting environment.
  8. With a yearly maintenance fee, we provide round-the-clock support and speedy bug resolutions.
  9. We work together to figure out the next steps for expanding on and supporting the application – and maybe launch a company.