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Hexcite wireframing session

The Technology Innovation Center saw an opportunity to provide clinicians who have great ideas with the resources they need to design a software solution and business that also achieves the center’s goal of delivering better patient care.

We created Hexcite (Excited for Health) to harness this opportunity and help launch real products and start-up teams directly from the problem space.

Teams include clinical, business, design and technical leads who work to solve clinical problems. Participants design a user-centered technology and customer interview-based business while also applying for funding to create their technical solution. Participants go through 16 weeks of expert-led sessions and workshops. At the end of the program, teams are ready to build with the Technology Innovation Center, conduct a pilot in the clinical space and launch a start-up.

Participation in this program is free to undergraduate and graduate students. Tuition for clinical participants is $5000 and may be covered by the sponsoring department or through other means. Running late-August through mid-December, programming sessions take place every Friday on the East Baltimore Campus from noon to 3pm.

Who can participate?

We welcome the following individuals to apply to the program:

  • Business leads: Johns Hopkins administrators and researchers, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School students, Johns Hopkins Master’s in Public Health students, Johns Hopkins Master’s in Health Administration students, and Johns Hopkins undergraduate business majors
  • Design leads: MICA MBA/ MA students, MICA Social Design students, MICA undergraduate graphic design students, and Johns Hopkins Arts as Applied to Medicine students
  • Technical leads: Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering undergraduate and graduate students
  • Clinical leads: Clinical faculty or staff from Johns Hopkins Medicine or its affiliates

Clinical leads must apply with a clinical problem that they would like to solve through a digital health solution.

Non-clinical leads are invited to apply and will be matched with a clinical lead and his/her idea.

How to Apply

Applications are closed for the 2018 program.


  • Complete the online application which has been derived with questions from the Maryland Innovation Initiative grant.
  • Once admitted to the program, clinical participants are expected to submit a commitment contract that requires you to attend 75% of the 16 weekly programming sessions.
  • Program fees are $5000 for clinical participants and can be covered by the department or other means. Unfortunately, we cannot currently accept tuition reimbursement to cover costs.

Business, design and technical students

  • Complete the online application where you will be prompted to upload an up-to-date resume.
  • Qualified students will be invited to participate in an interview to gain admission to the program. Successful admission to the program is followed by a matching process with clinical and other team members.
  • Hexcite programming is free for participating students.


2017 Teams

icon of Daiware logo

A mobile diary application for remote patient monitoring based on circadian rhythms.

icon of Welby logo
Welby H.E.L.P

A patient decision support application that includes medical librarian support.

icon of Project Commune logo
Project Commune

A care collaboration platform that displays real-time patient progress.

icon of Theramate logo

A mobile application for modd disorder patients with dual diagnoses.

icon of Bartleby logo

A tool to expedite medical coding based on orders.



This fellowship is unlike any other training I have had in my clinical career. Apart from the training to create a healthcare technology start-up, it has exposed me to completely new ways of thinking while designing solutions in the healthcare arena. One of the most valuable parts of this fellowship is the focus on doing customer interviews and then to use the insights gained from the customer interviews to develop our products/ideas.

- Krishnaj Gourab, M.D., former Medical Director, Rehabilitation Informatics and Analytics, Hexcite Clinical Fellow Class of 2015

Krishnaj Gourab

I've got to be honest with you, this has taken me completely out of my comfort zone. This is not what I do. And this is the best part of my week the last 16 weeks. It has just been fabulous. It's absolutely fantastic.

- David Efron, M.D., Chief, Acute Care Surgery, Hexcite Clinical Fellow Class of 2016

David Efron


Lifecycle of a TIC-Assisted Technology Start-up

Illustration of the life-cycle of a TIC start-upIllustrated life-cycle of a TIC start-up. View the full-size image.


For more information about the program, application requirements and deadlines, contact Jasmine McNeil at