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Application Development

Since 2012, the team has created over 40 applications — from dynamic dashboards to visual collaboration tools — with the goal of improving patient safety and quality.

Project Highlights



Team CORUS, a group chat application built to keep all providers in the loop while on the move and when caring for the patient, promises to enhance and create communication channels for The Johns Hopkins Hospital.



Artifact is a cloud-based platform that manages clarifications of clinical documentation between providers, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) specialists and hospital coders.

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BuffyCare is a dashboard for internal medicine that helps residents to understand how many tests they are ordering, how to take less blood and how to provide higher value care to patients.



EpiWatch, the first Apple ResearchKit app built for the Apple Watch, helps individuals manage epilepsy by tracking seizures, possible triggers, medications and side effects.

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Liver Space

Liver Space

Built within a Facebook application, Liver Space allows users to access the patient community from the social platform, receive notifications of new studies or forum posts and message Dr. Mogul directly with generic liver questions.

Introducing Liver Space Pediatric Health App

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Dr. Yousem using PeerReview


Johns Hopkins radiologists use PeerReview to perform quality assurance reviews of prior radiology studies. The ability to catch errors early on empowers them to change the course of patient care in a timely manner.

Clinical champion, Carisa Cooney, demonstrating the MileMarker application


MileMarker provides a mechanism for residents and attending physicians to evaluate their performance of specific procedures throughout the physicians' residency and compare their progress over time and against their cohort.

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Dr. Thompson demonstrating MumurQuiz


MurmurQuiz is an interactive training tool designed to help medical students recognize heart sound abnormalities to improve their ability to screen for heart disease.

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Dr. Brotman with the Hospitalist Dashboard on a computer screen

Hospitalist Dashboard

The Hospitalist Dashboard provides an individual scorecard for a range of performance metrics that Johns Hopkins hospitalists use to identify opportunities to improve the quality of the care they provide to their patients.

Female radiologist consulting with another radiologist using REACH for iPad


REACH allows clinicians and radiologists to look at the same images and collaborate in real time through a teleconsultation session on their iPads.

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