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Technology Innovation Center

Engaging world-class scientists and clinicians in an interdisciplinary community to reimagine health care and deliver the promise of medicine.

The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is a professional design and software engineering team that builds and deploys innovative clinical information systems across Johns Hopkins Medicine. This multidisciplinary team is a hub for clinicians to create novel, technology-based solutions that span our medical specialties and practice settings. The TIC is an access point for engineers and researchers at The Johns Hopkins University.

Concept Generation

We work with clinicians to turn workflow and patient experience improvement ideas into reality. The TIC partners with Hopkins clinicians to understand a current clinical problem and then designs a technology solution to meet that need.

Some ideas become part of our Hexcite Pre-Accelerator, a four-month program that brings together teams of clinicians, business students, designers, and mentors. Through weekly workshops, the teams are able to refine, create, and launch start-ups on an expedited timeline.

Active Development

Once the concept is refined, our team of engineers, designers, and product managers develop the solution. As development progresses, we continuously work with the clinicians to ensure that the product is aligned with their vision. All solutions are built with a design thinking approach.

Solution Implementation

Following development, the TIC implements the solution, providing necessary training and support. Based on user feedback, further enhancements to the product may be built out. To date, the TIC has built over 50 products across a range of clinical needs.

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