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The Center for Sweat Disorders

Sweat is a fact of life. We sweat to control our temperature; our sweat cools our body. But some of us experience too much of a good thing – and excessive sweating can negatively impact self-confidence, social interactions and -- for some young people -- even hamper scholastic performance.

The doctors at Johns Hopkins have created The Center for Sweat Disorders to help people with excessive sweating, which is a medical condition. If you feel embarrassed by sweat stains and body odor, fear shaking others’ hands because of your own sweaty palms, we understand and we’re here to help.

Get the FAQs on hyperhidrosis

Get the FAQs on hyperhidrosis

Learn about the microwave treatment

Learn about the latest treatment option

Every day, people like you are relieved to discover that their excessive sweatiness is caused by a condition called hyperhidrosis. The condition causes too much sweating and can be treated through medication, surgery and a promising new noninvasive approach: microwave-thermolysis (MT) of sweat glands, which is available in Maryland at Johns Hopkins.

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