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A patient from the Burn Center smiles with two members of staff.

As a part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center aims to bring you a world-class commitment to teaching, research and patient care—all in a friendly, convenient and easily accessible setting. Each year, large and small contributors from people like you help us forward our mission and turn possibilities into realities.

What Your Gift Makes Possible (Slideshow)

    Types of Gifts

    When you give to Johns Hopkins Medicine, most types of gifts allow you to choose which area your gift will support such as research for a particular disease, patient care programs or medical education and training.

    One-time and Recurring Cash Donations

    You can multiply the impact of your donation—often by double or triple the amount you contribute—through a matching gift from your company or organization.

    Financial Assets

    A donation of financial assets offers valuable tax savings. Assets may include stocks and securities, IRAs and life insurance. Large assets can be placed in endowments to help create permanent support through return on investments.

    Real Estate

    A gift of real estate can offer a double tax benefit by maximizing your income tax charitable deduction and avoiding capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of the value. The value of the donated property is also sheltered from estate taxes and probate costs.

    Trust, Wills and Bequests

    One significant way to support Johns Hopkins is to include us in your will. Large and small, these gifts are vital in helping us continue to provide the best care possible to you, your loved ones, and our growing community.

    Life-income Gifts

    Life-income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts provide income to you or others for life or a term of years, with the remainder to be used for the purpose you designate.

    Volunteer Your Time and Skills

    Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time. Our volunteers give thousands of hours of service each year in many different ways.

    Philanthropic Funds at Johns Hopkins Bayview

    These philanthropic funds serve the mission of many of our programs in patient care, teaching and research. You can choose to give to one or more of these areas. Your donation can help support a large number of programs in need of funding. Whether in the form of an annual gift, donation of stock or inclusion in your estate plan, we can help you direct your gift in a way that is most meaningful and appropriate for you.

    • This fund supports general patient care, educational enrichment and medical center programs where the need is the greatest at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Some of the supported programs include:

      • Community outreach and education
      • Medical religious partnerships
      • Financial aid services for underserved patients
      • Community Health Library

      Learn more about Johns Hopkins Bayview's community outreach programs.

    • This fund supports general patient care, educational enrichment, research and programs at The Johns Hopkins Burn Center. These programs include the safe Babies Program, Michael D. Hendrix Burn Research Center and many others.

    • This fund supports general patient care, educational enrichment, child life and medical center programs in areas that support Maternal and Child Health programs. These programs include: 

    • This fund supports education, retention and recruitment programs for staff in all areas of medical nursing at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

    • This fund supports general patient care, educational enrichment, research and medical center programs in the area of Geriatric Medicine at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. These programs include:

    Annual Rosedale Federal Golf Classic

    Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center leadership invites you to participate in our annual golf tournament. Proceeds from this event benefit the Medical Center’s patient safety programs.



    Our development team can help you direct a gift to Johns Hopkins Bayview in a way that is most meaningful to you. Please contact us to discuss the benefits of giving and your options for support.

    Donna Bolin
    Senior Associate Director of Development
    Johns Hopkins University and Medicine
    Attn: Department of Medicine/(Division or Program)*
    PO Box 49143
    Baltimore, MD 21297-9143

    410-550-9893 |


    Planning Your Gift

    • Endowments create permanent support for chairmanships, fellowships, special departmental funds and lectureships.

      Many of our donors choose to make a gift in honor or memory of someone, or to mark a special occasion. We will send an acknowledgment letter to the honoree or family notifying them of your generosity.

    • A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between you and Johns Hopkins Bayview. Your contribution of cash, stock or bonds establishes an annuity for the Medical Center. 

      Johns Hopkins Bayview will pay a guaranteed, fixed sum annually to you and one other individual, until your and your beneficiary’s death. We prepare the appropriate forms for you at no cost; however, we urge you to seek professional accounting and legal advice regarding decisions involving distribution of your assets.

    • A charitable lead trust transfers substantial assets to the individual(s) you choose at a reduced tax cost and directs the asset income to Johns Hopkins Bayview for a designated period of time. At the end of that time period, the assets are returned to you or the individual(s) you have chosen.

      Assets that appreciate significantly and generate substantial income over the ten or twenty-year life of the trust—such as stocks, bonds or income-producing property—are the most suitable for this type of trust.

      When you establish a charitable remainder trust with Johns Hopkins Bayview, you and your beneficiaries enjoy the annual income generated by the trust until your or their death. The predicted return is typically five to six percent.

      Other benefits of this form of giving include the avoidance of capital gains taxes and a one-time gift tax advantage at the time of the asset transfer. Upon your or the death of your beneficiaries, the trust assets become the property of Johns Hopkins Bayview.

      A charitable lead or remainder trust is a complex, irrevocable legal agreement. It is required that you be advised by an attorney. We will prepare the appropriate forms for you at no cost.

    • Donors may write a specific bequest by directing a dollar amount or items such as stock, real estate or other personal property to be transferred from your estate to Johns Hopkins Bayview. Or you may direct the residual of your estate, after the other important individuals and organizations in your life have been provided for, to be transferred to the Medical Center.

      Your bequest to Johns Hopkins Bayview will reduce the size of the taxable portion of your estate and, in turn, reduce estate taxes for your heirs. You may include your instructions within your will or by writing a simple amendment (or codicil) to an existing will.
    • A pooled income fund combines your gift from other donors for investment, distributing the net income proportionately among the contributors. An individual's gift to the pooled income fund becomes the property of Johns Hopkins Bayview upon the death of the designated income beneficiary.

      US Treasury regulations dictate all pooled income fund contributions are irrevocable.

    • A gift of real estate can provide a double tax benefit. Your income tax charitable deduction will be based on the full fair market value of the property. This allows you to avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of the value. In addition, the value of the property donated is sheltered from estate taxes and probate costs.

      Although a gift of real estate is irrevocable, it permits you to make a gift and use the property now, while receiving substantial tax benefits in the future.

    • To benefit from certain tax laws, many donors make gifts of stock and appreciated securities directly to Johns Hopkins Bayview. When stocks and securities are held for more than twelve months, you may claim a tax deduction for the mean of the market value, rather than the purchase price on the day the stock is transferred into our account at Alex Brown.

      To contribute to Johns Hopkins Bayview via stock transfer, your stock broker will need the following contact information for the Medical Center’s representative at Alex Brown:

      Laura-Lynn Renner
      Alex Brown
      100 International Drive, 22nd Floor
      Baltimore, MD 21202

      410-525-6240 phone
      410-895-3950 fax

      Johns Hopkins Bayview Tax ID Number: 52-1341890
      Wire Instructions: DTC #0725, Account #146PK832

      Please contact us when the transaction is complete at 410-550-9891.

    • We can also assist with donation of IRAs, life insurance and personal property.

      A donation of assets to Johns Hopkins Bayview offers valuable tax savings while allowing you to choose which area your gift will support such as research for a particular disease, patient care programs or medical education and training.

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